LEGO Arcadia

LEGO Arcadia

Client: Self
Year: 2016
Categories: Industrial Design

The guardian looked at the derelict ship in mute wonder.

“It’s been here a while,” said the ghost. “Hasn’t made a jump in centuries.” He floated above the ship, scanning the hull for damage.

“Arcadia,” the guardian whispered. The ship that carried humanity through the Golden Age. The guardian stared at the battered hulk. Emotions unfelt for centuries welled up and coalesced behind the guardian’s faceplate. This was the ship that carried our dreams.

“Will it fly?”

“I can make it work.”

. . .

The Arcadia Class Jumpship is my favorite ship design in Destiny. This custom LEGO build took two months to plan and build. Part count is roughly 2300 pieces.

Environmental Photo

Front View

Bottom View

Detail View