Paul Jeong is an author, industrial designer, and illustrator in Atlanta. He writes about the Asian American experience as filtered through pop-culture and the media of his youth. His stories are influenced by slice-of-life anime/manga, video games, and classic movies.

As an industrial designer, Paul’s first job was for Lonnie Johnson, the inventor of the Super Soaker. His design career peaked then.

Paul can be found on Twitter at @LiterallyPaul.

STREET FIGHTER TOO is The Karate Kid meets Crying in H Mart. This novel is available for literary representation.

  1. Kevin Choi is in hell, y’all.

After his parents’ cataclysmic divorce, fifteen-year-old Kevin is dragged from urban New Jersey to a tourist-trap town in backwoods Tennessee. But here in Pigeon Forge, home of Dollywood, Kevin discovers the game that will change his life forever: Street Fighter II. Driven by this new obsession, he finds salvation in the arcade, country cooking, and letters from the girl at the pommes frites stand.

The idyllic summer doesn’t last as bullies try to destroy Kevin’s one shot at love and happiness. And when his friggin’ family trauma resurfaces, Kevin’s depression spirals out of control. All these forces converge for one final showdown at a Street Fighter II tournament. Guided by the immortal Bruce Lee, Kevin must level-up his virtual and actual martial arts skills to win. Lose and it’s game over…forever.